Sjølyst Utvikling AS
Sjølyst Plass 2,
N-0278 Oslo,
Tel:                +47 23 00 19 60
Fax:                +47 23 00 19 70



Sjølyst Utvikling AS was founded in 1996, and is a privately owned investment company.

We possess an investment portfolio that consists of large property development projects in Norway and abroad, and in addition venture investments. Through partly and fully owned companies, we engage in residental, commercial and large city centre development projects.

Our business concept is creating value through purchase, developement, management og sale of properties. Our organization is experienced within the business of real estate, and possesses the expertise required to succeed in this line of business.

The means of investing in venture projects, as well as property projects, is supplying long term capital and expertise. Typical period of ownership is 4-10 years.